Lahore Medical & Dental College Lahore Lahore

Lahore Medical & Dental College   Lahore Medical & Dental College Lahore
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Lahore Lahore Medical & Dental College Lahore Medical & Dental College Lahore Lahore Lahore Medical & Dental College Lahore Medical & Dental College Lahore
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The Lahore Medical & Dental College is committed in its pursuit of excellence to providing the best academic facilities and atmosphere to its students. Our mission is to train future leaders of medicine who set new standards in knowledge, caring and compassion. Its faculty of exceptionally well qualified and committed teachers provide combination of nurturing support and challenge to the students to reach their maximum potential. We shall continue to transform the contents, methodology of teaching and technological resources according to dictates of time.
Lahore Information
No. Of Teacher: 500
No. Of Student: 2000
No. Of Rooms: 6
Labs: 50
URL (www):
Course Offered: Not Mention
Phone Number: 6582201-06
Fax: 6582208
Address: North canal Bank Tuls Pura Near Galo Park Lahore
City: Lahore
      Medical education is experiencing a process of rapid evolution. It remains essential for doctors to understand not only human structure, function and disease process but also keep abreast with research and latest developments. We at Lahore Medical and Dental College believe that tomorrow’s doctors should acquire knowledge designed to foster excellence, develop ethical perspectives and be able to serve society with a sense of duty and honesty. At Lahore Medical and Dental College we offer medical students a program in medical and dental education with special focus on integrated and inter disciplinary teaching. Clinical experience which was previously entirely hospital based is now likely to be gained in community based settings. Instead of a doctor centered universe, medical students now find that health care is multi disciplinary in focus. They are expected to become aware of the necessity of effective team work and the vital and complementary roles played by nurses, physiotherapists and social workers. I welcome you to join Lahore Medical and Dental College, an institution which has an excellent faculty, a great campus and an environment which promises enriching, exciting and a fulfilling learning experience. Prof. Shaheena Asif(Chairperson)
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